One day London trip!

Beside Japan and Asia, I always wanted to go to London! Sounds fun and chic! So two weeks ago, we booked 4 tickets with iDBUS for London, just a one day trip.
First, buy a travelcard of course! And also take a map to not get lost!

First, visit the Big Ben! Actually I just wrote down some place to visit but neither the station nor the adress, lol. So we just visit by feelings.. wtf.

Time to take a photo! Damn it! Too sunny! 
Hey, so near to the London Eye!

Then we just wandered here and there.. Then we took a double decker bus to Kings Cross.

Pff, no Slytherin beside Voldemort!

Hogwarts, wait for me! I'm coming too!
Too sad that everything in the store was soooo expensive! TT_TT I really wanted to buy a cardigan or a Quidditch sweater but.. prices! Prices! OMG!
Plus, Griffindor was so biased.. Hpmpf-

So I thought that I could study the fantastic beasts first then next year I'm gonna buy my clothes! :p

 Deception 100%!
Starving so went to a korean restaurant to eat my so loved Bibimbap and.. £8 in my ass, bad service. 
I said that I wanted water, plates came, no water. From the behavious, I know that they were not so happy to welcome us as we were 4 and we did not order like giant ass menu or plates. 
I was already in quite a bad mood so I decided that maybe I should choked with my rice and die in their restaurant since they don't wanna gimme water. 
10/15min lunch, I decided to go out of the restaurant as quick as I could!
Plus, I still had to pay the tip! 

In Paris, for 10€ in a real korean restaurant I could have a whole menu, with side dishes and dessert and HELL, I WAS WELCOMED LIKE A KING QUEEN and I didn't had to tip! 
(Because you know, you don't really tip in France)

So all I have to say is:
I'll never go to your restaurant ever if you happen to read this or to find this blog. I'll be happy to starve to death or move my ass to Tesco for a £3 lunch, no thank you for your shitty service. 

Then after that we almost chocked to death, we decided to buy some drinks in some store. "Best before June" Obviously.. It's normal to sell old drinks and food.. Still found some edible things with C.C Lemon.

Then went to buy so chinese desserts like.. Egg tarts, Pineapple brioches.... And once in Paris, discovered that everything was so freaking tricky because.. It's not yummy at all. We bought a lot because my uncle told us that once he were in London's China Town, things were better than in Paris.

Let me tell you that was false. Or we went to a wrong store and that maybe it was better in another but.. well..

 We didn't did so much things, tried to shopping but .. too much people. Also didn't took so much photo because.. it felt so natural and not so much diffrent to Paris. (My POV)
I bought this crop top from TOPSHOP, also discovered a lot of nice brands! *o*

On the way home, we had some pounds left so I bought this mini Big Ben with.. tea bags..

Well, London has more stores than Paris, indeed. But it wasn't so much fun. The underground was so so small compared to us! o_o It was so cramped inside. 
Everything looks quite familiar to me, and since I'm good with english, I just read everything like french so I didn't had too much difficulty. lol And that's it. 
It's wasn't so much fun and I won't return so fast. Maybe in a year or two it would be nice. :)

And I'm not gonna waste my time in China Town anymore!


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