Doll make try (harajuku-ish)

I received my wig tuesday and I just had to try it yesterday! :D 
The power of a lovely wig and some lashes is.. amazing! 
I mean, usually I do paint my face with foundation, BB cream or something like this... And since my BB cream was opened .. quite long ago and lately was giving my skin more trouble, I just couldn't put any of it on my face.. Just used:
- Eyeliner
- Fake lashes (up and bottom - japanese brands)
- Sweet recipe cupcake all over color (RD301 - Etude House)
- Eyebrows gel (brown - Etude House)

*small sob* I didn't want to remove this cute make up lah.. ;^; So I did a last thing before removing it...

The kiyomi song, dumb thing, ever. But, oh well..

With the make up and after removing the fake lashes, CL ....
Still not bad, the wig is doing a great job! Cause I'll totally look boyish with my actual short hair!


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