Etude House - Bubble Hair coloring [07 Mocha Pink] - REVIEW (on light hair!!)

I tried to dye my blond hair into a ash color and failed. (Here if you want to see)
Then my mom bought some Bubble from Etude House and can't use it on her hair, so I took and and tried if you can color your light hair into a darker shade using bubble hair foam.

So before dying it...

(I'm really really sorry for this.. filter effect, I didn't edit it. Lately I'm having problems when I upload my pictures on my blogger... )

As usual, unlike other brands it smells very good and has a yellow color.

So after the dye..
Like all the hair coloring I tried, Etude House really works the best! 
It's more black/dark brown then Mocha Pink with some redish tone though.

With flash, you can see that's a little redish on the roots and for the rest it's black and a little blonde because I didn't really do it well. 

Without flash, day time, artificial light:

(Still have this weird effect with blogger... *sigh* FML)

I did it during april, like in the middle, before going to Greece.
Now it's like a month later....
Well, color is no longer here. It turned into a light brown/dark blonde.

And because I didn't bleach my roots for months.. Well, they're still pitch black. haha

So.. to make it short.
Etude's Bubble do works on light hair, the color may turn different though.
It's really easy to apply, doesn't smell funny. 

But: because it's foam, it may be a little uneven when you wash it off. 


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