My little haul : May & June

I forgot to post this earlier because I was busy, but here's my little purchases during May and June! :)

First! I got myself a new pair of eyewear because my old pair was very unconfortable even though I really like them, maybe it was a little heavy for my ears but after hours, I always felt like my right ear was going to fall off...

I've chosen a pair from Kenzo, they're tortie color although we can't not see it clearly. 
Very light, so light that I'm afraid to break them, haha. 
(J'ai eu les miennes chez Vision Plus à Paris 13ème comme d'habitude. Le service est toujours satisfaisant, et à la demande, il est possible de commander des montures non dispo à la boutique! Ce que je trouve génial même si jusqu'à présent je n'ai pas essayé, haha.)

And I also got myself a Boy London tank top. 'LEAVE THE BOY ALONE' 
It's one of my favorite brand! I wore it during a day of my finals. 

I received 2 pairs of socks as a gift along with a bank check. I bought from a online shop and I never received my package, I always thought that was lost and after 2 years, I got the chance to talk to someone who's from the shop and got my money back! Never expect that but I'm very thankful and happy!

The minus is, the person was nice enough to tell me that I can get the check directly from her friend so I don't have to pay for the shipping fees, but I had my finals and couldn't meet her friend, so I still paid the shipping fees to her friend. Guess what? Her friend sent me a giant box (A3 size?) with ONLY the socks and the bank check. And of course, it was pricey... 
Through a tracked letter it would have cost me only the half of what i paid. :(

And my last purchase if a tee shirt i bought during my scholar trip in Greece. Bought it  5€, I really like the print, I cut the collar to make it bigger but it got even bigger after I washed it. lol
Too late is too late, never mind. orz

That's all !! :)
Next time it will be my haul for July and August! 


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