[ETUDE HOUSE] - Bubble Kaki Brown (07) - Review

Last december I dyed my hair dark brown but since then, the color was fading away and I had a dark blonde and black roots. I didn't wanted to keep a uneven color so I decided to dye it once again.
I super love Etude House's bubble dye so I picked this Kaki Brown color, which I haven't tried yet.

 To be honnest, I don't even know what color it's supposed to be. I guess it's a brown with kaki-ish/bonde-ish tone.

This is what my hair looks like before. (Dark blond with black roots + cerise color tips)

Time to dye it. 

After le dye...


My hair color is darker, with some green-ish tone (and some blonde hair I failed to dye obviously)
For the roots, it's kinda brown, not black but certainly not kaki brown.

I asked my friends "Do you know that I dyed my hair?" and they said "No."

Few more shampoos later, this is what my hair looks like:

Those korean bubble really aren't made for blonde haired people.
If you saw my previous post, I tried a brown ash color and it didn't really worked on my blonde hair.

For dark haired people, if you look at my roots, they're brown. 
So I guess you'll have this kind of color.
If you have dark hair & you want a lighter hair color, you should try the Light Brown color or even the Dark Brown color. I tried both of them and they work well!

I'm a bit, a little bit, dissapointed but I'm not very surprise by this outcome. :)

The pros: 
- As usual, this hair coloring doesn't stink. 
- It's very easy to use.
- It last forever on black hair. (It's like bleaching your hair without actually bleaching it. I know, I tried before)

The cons:
- It doesn't work on blonde hair or any very light hair color

 Oh, and, Happy Easter! :'D Did the easter bunny gave you a visit? 
Also, congrats to EXO Call me Baby 1st win!! 

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