One short week accompanied with food

We've been given a week of vacation before a upcoming week full of finals! Well, to be honnest, we already had half of our finals 2 weeks ago.
To sum up my week of vacation, I would say I didn't had a lot of fun but I ate a lot.

If you are following my instagram (@alicekamiya), I first had a tea at Angelina with a friend.
I had an Opéra and a darjeeling tea. 

I also tried the Sakura angel cake from Ciel.
The petals are made from white chocolate btw. It tasted nothing like sakura but more like berries.

Then by the end of the week, on saturday, I went out with my best friend to do a little shopping, and she brought me to the restaurant. Picked Opéra Guibine as usual for a korean meal.
I usually take a bibimbap, but wanted to try potatoes vermicelli, it was very salty in my opinion. I regret no taking my cold bibimbap. 
By the way, they also have a new side dish, which is made from tiny fish, I don't know what it is but it crept me out. Probably because I'm a vegetarian, and having those tiny tiny dead eyes staring at me were a total turn off. But well, my best friend who's not vegetarian also found it a bit creepy.... uhm...

From left to right:
Marie-Antoinette, Fleur de cerisier (sakura), Lily of the valley, Mikimoto rose-lychee, Yuzu Ginger.

My favorite ones were Lily of the valley and Mikimoto rose-lychee flavor! It smell so good and it was yummy.

 And that's how my week ended. I also used most of my time to watch anime~

And still holding a grudge agaisnt mp4upload HD for playing OUIJA trailer automatically before my episode at full volume, scaring the shit out of me because I was so not ready for it. Plus my computer was a bit slow, so it was soundless first and I didn't notice, and the sound played when the girl was screaming like there's not tomorrow. u_u'

Well, I hope you had a nice week! ;)


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