#2 Mwave order (GOT7 FLY) - Review

It has been 2 years since my last order on Mwave! 
This time GOT7 was holding a Meet&Greet for their 5th mini album FLY LOG DEPARTURE.
I really love their track FLY so I ordered it. :)

This time I was lucky enough to be selected to receive a special photocard. :) 
Mine is Junior's photocard.

Apparently I got Jackson's sign, I feel like I'm reading my doctor's writing so I am in no position to say anything about who's signature it is because I have no idea. :')) haha

Since 2014, Mwave Shop has evolved a lot! Few things I noticed:
In 2014:
- Free shipping for orders above $35
- Tracking number for $3
- Very long shipping delay (3 months)
- Shop offer non-meet&greet products

In 2016:
- Free shipping for orders abour $50
- All shipping methods include tracking number ($7-8)
- Quick shipping delay (2 weeks)
- No more non-meet&greet products

Honestly, I find the prices has gone up quite a lot in the meantime of 2 years. 
One album is about $20 so you must buy at least 3 albums to get the free shipping.
(There's some albums which are more expensive but if you try, you'd see that it would not really match up $50, it will always go to $60 or $70)

One great thing: The shipping delay has improved considerabily!
Before you had to wait at least 2-3 months before receiving your order but this time I received my order in 2 weeks! It was shipped on June 3rd and I received it on June 14th.
(Although the shipping prices have gone up..)

I'd say I would rather wait 3 months than paying that much shipping fees.
I spent of $28-29 on this album! \O_O/

If you want to do more comparaisons yourself, you can look up for my first review of Mwave shop here.

Beside Mwave shop's review, few photos of the mini album itself! :3

Bambam & JB's boarding ticket.

Jackson's card, yay. ♥
I love this boy! He is so funny. My mom also loves him even though she knows nothing about GOT7, she keep calling him "the kid from HK" because she can't remember his name, lol.

To end this review, if back then the delay was a big turn-off. Now it's the shipping fees that are being a big turn-off. 
I mean, really. I paid about the double of the original price only because of an autograph.
Did you know that if they forget to sign your album they would only refund you $3? I think it would be extremly rare but that would be so unworthy because you still paid more than you should after getting back $3. 
That really make me think twice before buying...

But if you really want it, why not?

I hope that review was useful somehow! :)


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