It's o-o-over

Yesterday I passed my last exam and I'm officially in vacation!! *throw confetti* So I rushed to watch Shingeki no Kyojin, which is quite popular lately! And honnestly.. I love it! Except it can be.. bloody sometimes... aherm..
(But if the chicken I am can watch it, you have no reason to not watch it, lol)

And I also got something... make up things from Pretty and Cute !
It took a bit longer than it said. ;_; (Got them after... >20 days but it was written between 10-15 days)

I always wanted to buy Eyemazing lashes but couldn't find any, I bought these one because I quite like Ayumi Seto, lol. But actually, IRL they're quite.. dramatic so be sure before you buy it! 
I don't know if they looks very long or not for you on the pictures but actually they're very long! 
And because they don't really looks natural, it's really easy to notice it etc.. !

And for the glue, well.. I don't think it glue well, I'm a bit deceived but not surprised. I bought one I can double my eyelieds even more than usual for my cosplay but hell, it don't even last 1 hour, how can I use it for my cosplay? =_='
But it glue eyelash quite well! 
If you really want nice glue, I think you should go to MAC or Sephora, I have bought they eyelash and waw, they glue were amazing! I lost mine though!

Plus, the bff came at my home because she has too much free time, lol. Then she had to go home at 1pm but I was sure it was our package (because we bought together) but the caretaker wasn't opening before 2pm and .. at the end she went home at 4pm. lol


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