Hello my 2013 holidays!

Things are all settled, so I went to shop a little with my bff Françoise. 
I haven't bought much because I didn't have a lot of money left and I wanted to keep some, lol.

First, we bought our tickets for Japan Expo! I'll be present thursday and sunday in my Rin Kagamine cosplay! (Not sure I'll keep it for 2 days if I need to wash it.. lol)

Then this is what I bought with my remain money, not much, haha. There were too much people and I was like "We're surrounded! I give up!"

Adn while people are struggling for sales, I peacefully received my packages.
Which contain, a camera battery (to replace my old one which is going to explode), a Benefit cream and.. a package from my friend from Philippines! :D
(Actually I was surprised but then I remebered that she told me she sent something, lol, I'm quite forgetful)

And you, what did you bought? :) Did you went to shop?

On a next post I'm gonna review theses EOS lenses! They're for my cosplay of Rin Kagamine, I decied to changed the type since it was a bit weird with the last ones.

Which was these one!


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