It's cold out there...

awww~~ It's cold in Paris~~TT_TT Especially not cool when you didn't expect the temperature to drop in only one day! (like... 6-7°c?  o_o)
It's almost the holidays~ Almost my birthday!

The stubborn me still didn't want to wear some big coat or anything, this is today outfit:

Here I'm wearing the new fluffly cardigan I just received yesterday, I love it but it's loosing its... hair.
And also wearing my beloved claddagh ring! Gold plated, I don't know if it's true, lol. 

And I also received a pin from Japan.. Annie Leonhardt official pin. I quite regret it tbh, I paid like 4€ for it and it's very small like 2,2cm*2,2cm? I bidded on it and I didn't look at the price, damn myself!
Willing to selling it, so if you're interested, just left a comment! 

OR willing to trade it for a.. Levi one if there's one. 8D Ah, I'm pushing my luck. haha

And next time I'll post something more interesting! I'll try..
You have twitter? Why don't you try the RivaiBot? Only speaking japanese though, I tried a bit but I guess my japanese is bad so something he's answering me with "E? Uh?" lol


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