Quick haul and an outfit. 
Few days ago I received a package from Cosmetic Love, I was suprised because I ordered nothing. XD Then I realized that it was what I told my friend to order for me since I couldn't do it. lol

2 products both from Etude House!
First is a .. tint? I don't even know how to call it but you can use it as a blush, a tint, eye shadow maybe... It's why it's called All Over Color anyways, haha. Smell so good that I can eat it! *o* yummy~
And a 'mascara for brows'.

Also bought a lipstick, n° 107 - Rimmel.  It's a wine red color, just perfect!

Then today I spent the day with my bff (aka Françoise), who made me a awesome rainbow cake since they didn't bought me a cake for my birthday. 
(Well, they did, 2 days later, lol. And we just shared it, end of the story, no party or anything.)

I loved the idea but I not too much on... sweets..  
Ate the half and was already doing a overdose of choco and sugar.

Today's oufit was:

Offbrand top
Choker - handmade (can't be seen though)
Track short pants - Decatlon
Printed socks - Monki (nice present of Sam)
Shoes - Melissa x Campana
Bag - Loris


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