I said I wasn't going to post but.. urgh.. the urge to share .. lol
So in short, we did a shooting on my birthday (22th october) and well, chose NO.6 because both of us don't really have any pic of it even if we have worn it at Japan Expo etc.. 

I'm not gonna put all the pictures here, for the others:
- The photographer's FB page

  (Me as Shion)

(Sasha as Nezumi)

TT_TT Such a shame that my make up faded away.. I didn't took any make up with me since at Japan Expo I didn't lost my make so I thought it was gonna be the same but.. oh well...
Btw, took my a hard time to climb this sh*t, was wearing my Melissa shoes, which means.. rubber shoes.. And it was extremly slippery.
With their help I somehow managed to do it though, lol.

And then.. Happy Ending! haha


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