Palty - Caramel Brown color hair dye - Review

Before I went to London, I thought that I had to cover the disaster! (aka my blond hair with 20 shades).
Then I thought that was the perfect time to try my Palty hair dye which I bought 3 years ago.. yeah. Unfortunately, I only bought one box because my hair wasn't so long back then.. Anywyas, I tried!

(lol, just like the floor!)

So, the Before with no make up and all.. tralala~~ With a hair color which I call Piss Color..
(Since I watched Sugar sugar Rune .. lol)


With a crappy light, but you can see some shades etc...

And a outdoor picture, lol. While I was in London.

You can tell that it's a way darker but still .. blonde. 
Let's say that if you ever tried to cook some caramel, it depend of your hair color and it can vary like Caramel! haha

Overall: 4,5/5
Very hard to apply. the dye kept dropping on the floor, I didn't took a pic but you have to mix everything in the big pipe thing then comb your hair with it then the dye will come out from the little holes.
The dye doesn't smell funny, good point. 
Overall as expected, nothing to complain from Palty! :)

Price: ~10-15€ on internet? Depending where you're buying it, I bought it from a friend so I can't tell.

And I'm sorry for the people who expect me to have dark hair from the start so you can compare, lol!!


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