SALES ~ Not so happy though. Why? ->
- Average of my class : 25/100 at the last maths test, true story. Myself, i got a RIDICULOUS mark, i don't even want to say how much i got. Functions.. It'll be our death..

- I got a lot of cavities, and I'm so going to cry. I don't even eat sweets or drink sweet beverage etc..
(My friends are stuffing sweets 24h a day and have no cavity or only 1-2.)

- While sleeping, i hurt my back, i can hardly move now.. WTF?

and so on.... You got it, lot of troubles...

Anyways, i still went to shopping a little and bought few items:

Today's outfit, it's so cold in Paris~~ TT_TT

Offbrand demin shirt
Pullover - Liz Lisa
Jeans - Uniqlo
Necklace - H&M
Black beanie - Zipia (korean brand)
Silver Creepers - New Look


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