-6°c - Paris

Today was soooo cold in Paris; there were a conference with Philippe Aghion, a teacher at Harvard. The last conference, our teacher told us to dress smart, so i thought, even if it's super cold, we can't dress too lame. 
I didn't did it on purpose but i wore the same cardigan at the last conference. LOL

Outfit of today and my heattech t-shirt from Uniqlo, hide inside. mwahaha.

My friend make fun of my necklace and told me: "It look like you own the planet." LOL

And if you want to see my old outfit for the first "Les économiques" conference, here you go:
(Test at home)
(It was chilly so i wore a cardigan while i went at school. 
This is my school 4th floor bathroom btw.)

 Anyways, it's so cold outside! I was such a lazy ass i didn't put any cream and my hands are pink/red right now and hurt me coz of the cold. So i'm putting 3-4 layers of cream la!

Out of topic, i bought Banana/Goyava yogurt at my noon break, it's yummy~~~

They don't sell banana milk in France, such a pity! I found it once at a japanese/korean covenient store near to Opéra/Pyramide but they don't sell it anymore. Urgh. T^T 

(Also drank it once, loooong ago, i don't even remember when i found it, so precious! But anyway, the one i bought at the convenient store had palm oil inside and it's not very good for health so.. 
I don't really mind that i can't drink some anymore, lol.)


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