You're my first bubble tea~

One of my aim for 2013: Drink the first bubble tea of my life. 
(Well, actually, 2 years ago, a friend bought a green apple flavor bubble tea and let me have the first sip. so it's not really my first bubble tea.)

Conference again, near to the asian district in Paris. We were supposed to go together with our teacher but he let us go by our own then eat our lunch and so on.. 
The first thing we did, manga/kpop goodies store then bought our first bubble tea!

I got myself a taro bubble tea. Verdict: OMFG, too sweet. Few sips later, i noticed that.. THERE ARE NOT ANY TAPIOCA! WTF? Paid 4.90€, most expensive beverage i ever had behind Starbucks coffee.. Erf.. 
And, bitch please, brown taro, seriously? Isn't taro supposed to be purple? =_='
Since i saw born, i still haven't saw any brown taro until today...

My friend didn't fot any tapioca too, but 不死心! She were like "After the conference, i'm gonna buy another one in another store! I want my tapioca!"
And i was like "C'mon, you can buy it the next time."

(Well at the end, we had so much difficulty to drink that we didn't went to get another one. lol)

After the conference ended, i didn't want to go back home so i went to a korean/japanese convenient store i'm used to go and i saw... 
One Piece Chocochip choco cookies~ Awwwww!!!
(Just saying, each time i'm eating Korean choco, i feel like it's some.. fake choco.. It's different from french choco, really...)

There is a sticker inside~ I got DOC Q, erf, i'm gonna to buy another one next time! 
I want to get Chopper or Luffy! >_<

Last week i bought something from Ralph Lauren, i posted on my yaplog and fb, but didn't let anybody see my purchase.
I'm wearing it today~

(Dirty mirror, blurry picture, urgh. Sorry.)

T-shirt from Ralph Lauren
Pants .. Offbrand? but indeed vintage

I was used to wear this kind of outfit when i was in middle school because i loved uniform sooo much, but.. french don't have any uniform. So when i saw the crest i was like "OMG, must have it, love the crest!!!!" lol


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