Back to the basic

Today I got two packages in the the time! My Liz Lisa shorts and a Chocomint spider ring! 

Well, actually I'm super afrais of insects, spiders IRL but I love them for outfit, acessories etc.. It's perfect for the creepy/cute style which I like a lot! And also can be used for Halloween! haha
(I'm afraid that my mom would throw it out thinking that's a real one in a rush, lol.)

Today's outfit~ Actually it's a very very old outfit I already made .. 2 years ago. It's a tank top, a quite baggy one so it would look like sport jersey. And a zebra print pants, which is one of my favorite! 

But somehow it's too large for me now... D:

(And I took 2,5kg, didn't lost any weight or anything, wtf..)

Anyways, still 2-3 upcoming exams and I'll be fine (or not if I happen to have to repeat a year..) then in.. 2 weeks every little french student in high school would have their graduation exams~ Including me..

Really love it even though I'm not in fond of the intro thingy.


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