One colorful day

My lastest purchases! One of my favorite clothes are socks! I love them! 
I love Tutuanna* socks and I always wanted to try transparents socks. 

Outfit of the day.
I wanted to try something colorful and came up with this combination, earring are "handmade" I just used the keychain part of the plush to make it, haha.

Top - RTBU
Bloomer - Banana Fish
Earing - Handmade
Shoes - New Look

Wearing Mizunderstood Création brain ring and Funny Jewels octopus ring!

Made a cover for it.. LOL Too much expensive to ruin it too fast! (10€50 for 114pages) 
 If I didn't have to get it for school I wouldn't buy it! It's a crazy theater play and it doesn't even make sense! C'mon...


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