'XOXO (Kiss&Hug)' Highlight Medley (Chinese ver.)

Need to share~ I love most of the songs except the Wolf, I'm not in fond of it, the lyrics are kinda strange.. o_o ("你是美丽我是狼" ... Yeah, ok... ) Still waiting for the full ver. of it! è_è

Which version are you going to buy?? ^^ 
(I'll go for the EXO M version I guess.. I wanted the 2 but ewww.. the wallet doen't agree with me..)

Crappy draw with a frixion, I'm sorry for you YiXing.. 

Besides it, well I received a lot of packages and I ordered some acessories for Doll (Kuroshitsuji) cosplay, abzeufe.. I wanted to do this cosplay for so long, I gave up because the infite like rose on her head and some hidden underneath the skirt but.. argh, I love this character sooooo muucccchhh. ♥


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