Old things are the best

When it comes to clothes or objets, of course old things are the best! 
It's another story for TV or others softwares, lol.

One of our old camera, my aunt told me we have more and she would bring me the others!
I want to sell them but they don't worth a lot, that's a shame, it should work but I don't have the film to try.
(Picture come from my Weibo)

I also bought some second-hand clothes, not really my size but I just have to sew it a little and so on.. 
I absolutely love them! The floral top goes well with a mori inspired outfit!
Plus, I got them for very very cheap, it's a good deal!! (~ $10)

Did you know that the skeleton glows in the dark?? Totally awesome!!

A simple mesh top, it goes well with a tank top beneath! :) 
I don't really wear it a lot though. 

Besides I used all my money, school will start soon.. T_T That's it.
2 more months, exams exams exams.


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