Petit BB by Holika Holika + Tony Moly Cutie Beauty - Comparaison review!

I haven't did anything interesting so let's do a review!Ok, this is my favorite BB! 

My first BB cream was Tony Moly, Cutie beauty in Tomboy Chris.

My only problem with Tony Moly Cutie Beauty BB cream is probably because it's hard to squeeze the cream out. And once you succeded... Zbam, squeeze too hard? Ripped!
I had enough of how hard I had to squeeze it to get the right amount of cream that when I saw another one, I bought a new one! 

This one is.. Petit BB from Holika Holika!

I took this pic minutes ago, look at this! Absolutely cream, easy to squeeze, it smell good... Coverage is good too! Can I claim this as the cheapest and best BB cream ever? No? Ok.
Let's compare!
T.M BB cream is blue
 Holika is green
SPF36, PA++ > SPF30 PA++ 
$15 (on Yes Style) > $8 ( On Cosmetic Love)
30g = 30ml
Easiest to squeeze out (lol) : Petit BB !
4,5/5 for Tony Moly - Cutie Beauty
5/5 for Holika Holika - Petit BB
Ok, beside the bottle problem, it's not so so different! Maybe except the price but, I got my Tony Moly for .. something around 11€ & my Holika Holika for 8€. Both were bought by my friends, so I guess they both too some small little fees or else. 

Uhm, how I look like without/with?

Without anything (only eyeliner, lol):

With TonyMoly Cutie Beauty 

With Holika Holika Petit BB

Only difference must be that Holika Holika make your skin more smooth, the coverage are approximately the same.
 I hope this helped you to do your choice on a great bb cream! 
I told a friend who's only buying french branded bb cream to give a try for Tony Moly, even sent her the link, made her try mine. And since it was cheap she order 1 Holika + 1 Skin Food and... She tried  Holika first, came to high school with it, stole by someone without few a hours! Only Skin Food left! She came to me and told me "Urgh, someone stole it so I have to use Skin Food's one, I prefer Holika coz the coverage is much better!".

Ok, now, can I claim it as the best bb cream ever?! (And maybe the cheapest too? No?)

And, please, I'm a little tan but not yellowish/green, it's just because of my crappy camera!
That's it~ I'm gonna to have a oral exam + 2 little tests so I'm gonna revise now!


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